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Welcome to Organic Gardens Network™. We love all things related to gardening and living a simpler life with connection to our Mother Earth.

Here you will find Organic Gardening articles, documentaries, books, how-to’s and resources. Topics will range from Permaculture, GMOs, Recipes, Composting, Homesteading, Seed Saving, Sustainability, Alternative Energies, to Green Living and more. We are dedicated to the home gardener who desires to grow and access clean, organic non-GMO food and freedom of choice for personal nutrition.

We will share lots of gorgeous recipes with you too. After all, what do we do with all of that luscious harvest from our organic gardens…..we nourish ourselves. There is nothing more comforting than sitting down with friends and loved ones to share a home cooked meal, something we should strive to return to in our busy lives. Time together lost can never be regained.

We enjoy "harvesting" information and resources to share with others who choose to follow along, offer feedback and  join in on the conversation. We're glad you are here and we hope you will visit often.

Wishing you health and good food!

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"The Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground returns to us."   ~  Big Thunder, Algonquin

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