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Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to Grow in a Greenhouse During Winter

by Whitney Segura

Many people assume in the winter months that greenhouse growing is off limits, but this is simply not true. There are certainly ways you can have a blossoming greenhouse even during the winter months. Of course, it does require a specific greenhouse or you can choose to grow cool weather plants that do well in the winter months.

Vegetables that Grow Well in the Winter

Many vegetables grow well during the winter, and you can enjoy the rewards of having freshly grown vegetables. These vegetables include:

• Spinach
• Turnips
• Garlic
• Lettuce
• Beets
• Cabbage
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Celery
• Radishes
• Swiss chard

Even many flowers naturally grow very well in the cooler months, these include:

• Pansy
• Freesia
• Primrose
• Azalea
• Amaryllis
• Snapdragon

Many people miss gardening in the winter and wait until spring to begin in their greenhouses, but by growing cooler vegetation and flowers in the winter, you do not have to wait until spring before you begin. It is also very gratifying to grow your own vegetables in the wintertime for your family.
  • There are, of course, some disadvantages to winter greenhouse gardening, investing in a special winter greenhouse can be costly, and may or may not be worth the investment to you. It truly depends on how much you use the greenhouse and how much you enjoy gardening in it. Many people that are handy, end up building their own greenhouses via a blueprint or a ready made kit.
  • Another disadvantage to greenhouse gardening in the winter means you have to keep the greenhouse heated and this will cost you in your heating bill. Although, depending where you are located, you might be able to get away with propane gas, to heat your greenhouse in the winter months and thus saves a lot of money on the heating costs.
Actually, you can have the greenhouse attached directly your home, which would help you get around the high heating costs during the winter months when you are using your greenhouse. This can save you a great deal of money in your heating bills regardless of which type of fuel, you use.

Final Thoughts

Growing in your greenhouse during the winter is not only possible, but many flowers and vegetation thrive in the cooler months. This means you can have fresh vegetables year-round and have beautiful flowers ready for planting at the end of the months. If you truly love gardening in your greenhouse, there is no reason to wait until spring before you begin, you can grow during the winter months if you so choose. While there are some challenges, they are few when you consider the benefits of growing all year.

Whitney Segura is an expert greenhouse gardener and employee of one of the largest greenhouse manufacturing companies, they have the best greenhouses for sale in the United States.


  1. I grow geraniums in my greenhouse all winter and they flower all season long.

  2. Using a 2nd layer of 6mil plastic over a standard greenhouse and installing a solar water heater (can be made from scrap) hooked to a 55gal barrel filled with water inside seems to work for alot of people. The water heater warms the barrel during the day and the warm barrel radiates heat throughout the greenhouse at nite. just a thoughy...


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