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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is your dinner making you sick and fat?

Most people know about the trouble with GMOs and the fight to attain proper labeling so we will know what we are actually consuming when we eat. We have the right to know, but right now most of time we do not know, for lack of labeling. However, how many of us realize the damage these genetically modified organisms can cause to our bodies from consuming them over time?

Since the introduction of GMOs, there has been a rapid rise in several chronic illnesses (allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.), not to mention obesity is way out of control. How can we continue to eat blindly, ignoring the facts against GMOs? It is right in front of us. We do know. So why do we keep doing it?

Read this article entitled "Disease on the Dinner Plate? How GMOs are Affecting our Health" for more info and solutions to the problem. Most of them you are probably already aware of. But we need to continue to spread the word and share this information widely so more people can become educated.

Also check out the site Say No To GMOs for more great information and Action Items.

Can you add to the reasons why we do not want GMOs? Please post your answers and suggestions.

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