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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smoothie Success: Top 10 Tips

1. Use the freshest, ripe fruits and vegetables. Using overripe generally will not improve by throwing them in a smoothie.

2. For the best flavor and natural sweetness, use local in-season fruits and vegetables.

3. Use your fruits and vegetables in their freshest state. Do not use pre-cut ingredients that have been sitting in the frig, as they will have lost much of their nutritional value.

4. To avoid watering down your smoothie by using ice to chill the ingredients, keep as many ingredients chilled prior to blending. Using a chilled glass will also help to add to the chilled temperature of a great smoothie.

5. Add strong spices a little at a time. You don't want to ruin the flavor of your smoothie by adding too much ginger for instance, and then having to waste the entire smoothie. Add a little at a time until you arrive at your desired flavor.

6. Make your smoothies in batches rather than over filling your blender if you are creating recipes for more than one person. Exploding blenders are never fun to clean up after.

7. Chop your ingredients for even processing that will blend faster. This step may not be necessary for some of the higher powered blenders like a Vitamix.

8. If you are adding ingredients that tend to stick to the spoon, such as honey or yogurt, run the spoon under hot water first. This will help it slide off the spoon so you get every last drop in your smoothie.

9. Dried herbs do not generally work well in smoothies. Use fresh or frozen herbs for the best smoothie. You can also substitute other similar herbs if you do not have the one you need on hand.

10. Experiment! It's fun to discover new combinations and complimenting flavors.

If you have a great smoothie that you just love and want to share, please post your recipe. I'm sure there are some great combinations that people have discovered while experimenting. Please do share!

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