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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2 Killer Apps: What's in My Food -and- GMO Shoppers Guide

Killer App #1 - What's On My Food? iPhone App

A Decoder Ring For the Pesticides On Your Food

The science is in -- pesticide residues are on your food, even after washing. What are the dangers of these pesticides? How much of this stuff is really on the food we eat? Pesticide Action Network's new iPhone App puts these answers at your fingertips. Get the facts.

Search Over 90 Foods, Including Water

From Almonds to Winter Squash, many of your favorite foodstuffs are on the list. Search and discover which pesticides are on what, and what chemicals are the most dangerous. You may be surprised. Even after washing, a variety of pesticide residues turn up on many of our foods. With this App you can compare organic to conventional foods in ways that go far beyond top 10 lists.

The most comprehensive data source of its kind, What’s On My Food? links USDA food testing data to toxicology (i.e. health effects) data compiled from multiple authoritative sources.

Get Results, Make Healthy Choices

Atrazine, endosulfan, o-Phenylphenol: What are they? Three toxic chemicals commonly found in our food and water. How can you make sense of what you find in the database?
This App helps you by using visual icons to break these chemicals down into four classes of health risks: Neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, carcinogens, developmental or reproductive and bee toxins.

Take Action to Protect People & The Planet

Making informed choices at the grocery store is an important first step. But smart shopping alone won’t solve the pesticide problem. Pesticide Action Network works everyday to reduce the amount of pesticides in our agricultural system. We give voice to those who seek something better than “agribusiness as usual.”

Join the movement for food system reform. Sign the petition to President Obama asking for safe, fair & green food.

Download the App Here

Killer App #2 - True Food Shoppers Guide for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and in the Android Market

The Center for Food Safety today launched a new mobile application in July 2010 that will help shoppers to quickly and easily identify foods made with ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Today, thousands of products on supermarket shelves are made with GMO ingredients. But GM foods are not labeled in the U.S., despite warnings from doctors and scientists that these foods may not be safe in the diet or the environment.

This lack of mandatory labeling can make it difficult to determine which products are made with GMO ingredients and which are not. This application is designed to give health-and-safety-conscious consumers who wish to avoid GMO ingredients the tools they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

The True Food Shoppers Guide also arms consumers with valuable information regarding common GMO ingredients, as well as brands to look for, and to look out for. The application includes a “Four Simple Tips” section, which offers easy ways to avoid GMO ingredients as they shop to feed themselves and their families, a “Supermarkets and GMOs” section to help consumers identify GMO and non-GMO private-label store brands, and an rbGH and rbGH-free dairy guide. Check out this video review of the App from

In addition to a list of brands that produce foods with no GM content, the application also offers contact information for companies that do use GMO ingredients. This feature enables consumers to personally voice their opposition to the use of GMO foods directly to the parties involved.

As a result, the App serves not only as a shopping guide and teaching tool, but one that can be used for widespread advocacy as well. The App also has a “Take Action” section allowing people to contact state and federal agencies and officials to demand better regulatory oversight, safety testing and labeling laws for GMO foods and crops.

The Center for Food Safety’s True Food Shoppers Guide was compiled because you have the right to know what’s in your food! Download the App here.

Don’t have a compatible mobile phone? Download the printable Shoppers Guide instead! They are also working on a web-based version of the App that can be accessed from any smart phone. They hope to launch a Blackberry App in the future as well.

The Shoppers Guide was compiled primarily from direct communications with food producers. Products on the RED list contain ingredients that come from the most common genetically engineered (GE) crops (corn, soy, canola, cotton). Companies with products on this list have confirmed that their products may have or are likely to be made with GE ingredients, or have not denied using GE foods when given the opportunity to do so. Companies on the GREEN list have made a concerted effort to avoid GE ingredients and have company policies asserting their position on avoiding GE foods.


  • The “Four Simple Tips” section gives you easy ways to avoid genetically modified ingredients in any product
  • “What’s New” brings you an always-updated feed of the Center for Food Safety’s latest news and campaign developments on GMOs and other important food issues. You can even share these articles and announcement with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and more, right from the App!
  • The “Action” center brings you the latest action alerts on simple things you can do to demand True Food!
  • “Supermarkets and GMOs” lists major supermarket chains across the US and their policies on GMOs and rbGH use. Here you can find non-gmo and rbGH-free store brands, and supermarkets that are entirely Non-GMO in their private-label brands!
  • You can browse the Shoppers Guide by category (16 categories in all) in a simple “Green” and “Red” list format, or search for products by brand name or food type
  • The Shoppers Guide also includes the ability to call or email companies listed in the “Red” (those who do not avoid GMO ingredients in their products) to let them know you will not buy their products until they drop GMOs
  • Learn about the risks of GM crops and foods, the benefits of and where to buy organics, GM crops in development, rbGH, and more in “More Info”
  • Join the CFS True Food Network or their new Mobile Activists list and get updates and action alerts on the most pressing food issues via email or text message! We are over 100,000 members strong, and growing. Add your voice!
  • Connect with the CFS True Food Network on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

The full press release is located here.

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