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Saturday, October 8, 2011

2 More Killer Apps: Green Smoothies & Wild Edibles

Sergei Boutenko has developed two awesome Apps, one for Green Smoothies and another for Wild Edibles.

Sergei is known for overcoming juvenile diabetes through a raw food diet and vigorous exercise. His passion is the great outdoors, wild edibles and living an active and fit lifestyle. Sergei teaches classes and leads wild edibles hikes all over the world. He is an author, raw chef, salsa teacher and in recent years has developed an interest in using the medium of film to deliver health messages in a light, entertaining way. Sergei shares that living a healthy life involves a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

After creating the Green Smoothies App for the iPhone, which became popular all over the world, Sergei has now created a Green Smoothies Web App. This App is compatible with the iPad, Android, Blackberry, and may also be accessed through your personal computer. Best of all, you can use the Web App entirely Free.

Get the Web App here.
Get the iPhone App here.

Sergei’s Green Smoothies App comes with all the nutritional information of every ingredient you ever want to put in your smoothies, including which foods are useful for specific health conditions. Sergei’s Green Smoothies App has achieved a 5-star rating for its notable and clear-cut content.

Sergei developed his second awesome App, Wild Edibles, after several years of accompanying people on wild edible walks. This App will give you a higher advantage for surviving in the wilderness, including the top most poisonous plants to be cautious about while on your adventure. If you are a wilderness hiker and like to explore wild edibles on your treks, this App is ideal for you.

Features of the Wild Edibles App include some of the following:

  • Field guide of plants with images, descriptions, and recipes
  • Add your own plants to the database, including photos and your own notes
  • Poisonous and edible plant reference guide
  • Sound advice for collecting and eating wild plants

This App is a convenient way to carry the ultimate survival tool in the palm of your hand.
Get your Wild Edible App here.

You can learn more about Sergei here.

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