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Thursday, February 13, 2014

7 Tips to Keep Your Valentines Flowers Fresh

Is there a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers adorning your table? Need some tips for keeping cut flowers fresh? Follow these seven to help those lovely roses, tulips, daffodils and other fresh cut flowers last longer than your box of chocolates!

Cut Flower Care Basics

• When placing a bouquet of flowers in your own vase or container, start with a clean vase. Disinfect vases with vinegar or peroxide and rinse thoroughly before using.

• Remove all leaves and foliage from the portion of the stems that will rest beneath the water in the container. Cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife, being careful not to crush the stems. This will ensure sufficient water absorption.

• Fill the vase with very, warm water, around 100°F. Stir in a tablespoon vinegar and half a teaspoon of sugar to warm water, until dissolved, to help extend the life of the flowers. Place bouquet in vase with warm water. Flowers draw up warm water more readily than cold.

• Cut flowers thrive best in cooler conditions, less than 75°F. preferably. Don’t set a vase of cut flowers near a heat source, such as a radiator, fireplace, stove or directly under an air vent. Warm temperatures cause rose and tulip blooms to open quickly.

• Check the water level daily. Change water in the vase every few days and re-cut stems at the same time. Always add warm water, not cold to the vase.

• When away from home or at night, store your roses or other cut flowers in the refrigerator to keep them fresh longer. Do not store flowers near fruit. Apples release ethylene gas that will cause your flowers to wilt quicker.

• Remove dying flower petals, flowers and foliage, as it appears, to keep your bouquet attractive.

A little tender loving care will prolong the life and beauty of your cut flower bouquet.
Do you have some fresh cut flower saving tips to add to the list?

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