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Monday, March 10, 2014

Book of the Week: Lasagna Gardening

by Patricia Lanza (Author)
A gardening system that works-- so you don't have to!

Turn in your tiller for a stack of old newspapers! Replace your shovel with a layer of grass clippings! Let Pat Lanza show you how you can create lush, successful, easy-care gardens in practically any location without hours of backbreaking digging or noisy tilling.

  • Practical, first-person advice from an experienced gardener
  • Great ideas to let you spend more time enjoying your gardens and less time working in them
  • Specific "lasagna" techniques for the most popular vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits, and more

Instead of digging up the sod, you simply cover it with wet newspapers. Then pile different layers of leaves, grass clippings, and household waste on top of each other—just like the layers of cheese and pasta in lasagna!

Best of all, with LASAGNA GARDENING's "power soil" secret, even tight spaces will become top performers in your yard.

Thanks to all the how-to-illustrations, step-by-step advice, and brilliant tips and time-savers, LASAGNA GARDENING makes it all so easy to grow vegetables, trees, shrubs, and more—even in a tiny garden space!

Retire your shovel and hoe and grow your best garden ever. You'll discover the revolutionary layering secret that lets you save your back, and save space, time and money. No more digging, tilling or weeding.

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