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Saturday, September 24, 2011

HappyCow Restaurant Directory

Looking for something different this weekend above and beyond the standard local restaurants in your area? Check out the HappyCow. You can search the directory to find vegetarian, vegan and raw food restaurants, and health food stores near you. If you are traveling you can search for restaurants and stores in North America, Europe, Australia & Oceania, Asia & the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Also check out their Highest Rated Listings with reviews by restaurant patrons. Find over 33,000 reviews for 16,000+ restaurants, natural food stores, and veg organization worldwide.

You can contribute and help expand the directory by adding restaurants that you know about near you.  There are mobile apps that support the directory, such as iPhone, Android, and Palm. Use your wireless PDA/PocketPC or mobile phone, and point it to HappyCow mobileThey also have a community forum, a veggie blog, and a recipes tab with all the best categories you're looking for. Lots of great stuff here!

Voted "Best Vegetarian Restaurant Guide" and "Favorite Vegetarian Website".  This is the place to find good vegetarian restaurants & health food!

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