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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Even Farm Animals Refuse to Eat GMOs

Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology relates a story about how farmers test whether their farm animals will eat GMOs. Animals, when given the choice, often choose non-genetically modified foods.

Are you eating genetically modified foods in your meals? Humans do not have the instinct that animals do for naturally avoiding GMOs. We do not have the labeling that other countries do, such as Europeans, Australians, and the Japanese. Many other countries label GMOs, but the United States does not.

The great news is "we have the power!" Europe went GMO-free in 2010 due to people refusing to buy products with GMO ingredients. Share this video with all of your family and friends and let them know that they most likely have been eating genetically modified foods, and that they don't have to.

Check out our previous post 2 Killer Apps: What's In My Food & Non-GMO Shoppers Guide. There you can download the Non-GMO Shoppers Guide and have the information you need to avoid purchasing brands made with genetically modified organisms. The app lists the non-GMO brands and makes your shopping trip easier by having this information in the palm of your hand every time you shop.

Tell your family and friends to download the app too. It's time to claim a healthier non-GMO food supply. We deserve to know what we are putting into our bodies. We want labeling now!

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