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Friday, October 14, 2011

Promote Yourself: Tell Us More About You

We invite you to introduce yourself. Tell us about your blog, your business, and talk about what is near and dear to you in the world of organics and gardening. Do you have some tips about composting, or maybe a favorite recipe to share? We want to hear from you.

Please feel free to....

v     Promote Your Blog or Website
v     Introduce yourself
v     Tell us more about what you do
v     What drives you, what are your passions
v     Whether you need or offer help with anything
v     Promote yourself – help us get to know you

Meeting new people and networking is a great way to share information, and is an important part of being an online business owner. This is an invitation to do just that.

What to Do Next....
Now that you have introduced yourself to the Network, don’t be a stranger – grab your favorite beverage, stay a while, and read some of our posts.

Here are a few posts you might enjoy....

1. 66 Things You Can Grow In Containers
2. What is Edible Forest Gardening
3. 2 Killer Apps: What’s in My Food and GMO Shopper’s Guide
4. Future “Farmacy”

… and so much more!

Here’s an idea on how you can get some exposure on Twitter. As soon as your comment is approved (we will be sure to do that as soon as possible), come back to this page, and click on the “Tweet” button at the bottom of the post.

All your followers (and mine if you add me @1OrganicGardens will read about your blog or website – free advertising!

Many visitors to this page ask what they can do for us– that is very kind, thanks so much. There is one thing you can do - Spread the Word!

We also appreciate it when you....

v     Read our other posts
v     Leave us comments on our posts – it helps us to know what people think
v     Let others know about our blog – share some Twitter, Facebook, etc. love
v     Refer your friends and let us know what you think

All the connections will be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to Organic Gardens Network.
We are delighted you are here!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Hi my name is Ann Belonger co owner of Belonger Botanicals along with my son Ryan. We are crafters of fine handmade vegan soaps and herbals. We do not use any synthetic or artificial dyes or fragrances. Most of our ingredients are certified organic and all our oils are plant based. Stop by and meet us at We care about our world and everything in it.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for introducing yourself and letting us know about your handmade soaps. You have some lovely products on your site and some great posts on your blog.


  3. Hi, I just love this site. I grew up with a huge organic garden and planted my own little victory garden this summer. Yum! In my work I counsel children and adults in positive thinking skills, meditation/guided imagery, nutritional healing and nutrition counseling - 100% whole health organic! You may like to know that one of my self written script/recordings of children's guided imagery has children planting a garden....check out my website at <3 Laura Hoffman

  4. Hi Laura,

    Welcome! You do great work. Thank you for sharing and introducing yourself. It's nice to have you here with us.

  5. I have always been passionate about writing, health, fitness, nutrition and helping others, so I created a blog which will soon turn into a website and full-blown brand. I currently reside in Manhattan, New York and am studying to become a certified health coach. Check me out!,,,

  6. Hi Niki,

    Thanks for introducing yourself. We're glad to have you here. Looks like a lot of good info on your blog.

    Stop by again soon!

  7. Hi I'm Vonnie. I have a passion for great quality, fresh, natural food and a variety of cooking styles and cuisines. I've recently left behind the world of corporate giants and starting out with a new one-acre plot with plans to put my green thumbs to the test by creating an organic veg garden, tropical fruit orchard, herbs, hens and medicinal plants in my Physic garden. Early days & baby steps....

  8. Hi Vonnie,

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us - it's nice to meet you. Congratulations on leaving the corporate giants and starting your own organic garden. It's a wonderful feeling.


  9. Hi - has been up and running for 3 or 4 years and is full of what I do in the organic backyard: vege gardening, book reviews, all kinds of specific types of plant know-hows, recipes, enviornment "stuff", amish, living fruggally, etc, etc. -- very similar to you! WAs glas to find you. Thanks for the nice blog.


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